Why is it important to keep your gutters clean?
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Why is it important to keep your gutters clean?

Although gutters are "far from the eyes, far from the heart", they play a major role in your home, and their yearly maintainance is a great way to avoid those costly repairs.

Gutters have one purpose: to divert the water from the roof to the drainpipes. Despite their important role, we do not pay them attention until they get clogged or broken, and the consequences will not only damage the structure of your house, but can also cause health problems of the members of your family.

Clogging the gutters can usually be caused by leaves, moss and the similar. The most efficient way of recognising whether your gutters need cleaning is to inspect them when it's raining. If water runs down the walls of your house on a rainy day, then most likely your gutters have been clogged and need cleaning. Another common problem is leakage at the junctions which is often caused by debris stuck inside them.

If you are having problems with moisture in your home, you have to check the gutters because they are probably the cause of the problem. Loaded gutters is another everyday problem that occurs when the gutter is too cluttered with debris, residual water or when the mounting screws have rusted or the holders are not adequate.

The most appropriate answer to the question: "How often should I clean the gutters?" is that it all depends on the location and the number of trees in your yard. It is most recommended that the gutters are cleaned in late autumn, when almost all the leaves have already fallen. Croatia Insurance - Non-life recommends that you call a professional to clean your gutters, but if you decide to do it on your own, please read the following tips:

  • Select the right type of ladder and make sure all the steps are safe enough
  • Never rest the ladders on the gutters because they are not built to take so much pressure
  • Wear thick gloves to protect yourself against the large concentrations of bacteria, and also sharp debris. Experts recommend wearing leather gloves
  • Wear safety glasses to protect against eye injury which might be caused by contact with insects while cleaning the waste.
  • Wear rubber boots, should you need to get on the roof
  • Call your friends for help, you are at your safest if somebody else is holding your ladder. Also, remember that both of your feet and one of the hands should always be supported on the ladder
  • Hang your basket on a short rope to the uppermost ladder to collect waste in it
  • Use plastic paddle to facilitate the cleaning of larger debris

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