Travel Insurance
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Travel Insurance

The Travel Insurance protects you against unpredictable situations (loss of baggage, flight cancellations, illness) which may make your journey take a turn for the worse.

Are you preparing for a journey?

Regardless of your holiday preferences  - skiing in the Alps, holiday in Thailand, a business trip to Frankfurt... if you haven't purchased you travel insurance, you are not ready to depart. Why? Because you can have a truly carefree and enjoyable holiday only by having your travel insurance purchased from Croatia Insurance.

This insurance is intended for a wide range of travelers, tourists, business people, school children and students, as well as athletes and workers.

This insurance policy provides you with a premium service complying with the highest world standards in collaboration with CORIS (

Premium service 24 hours a day, covering all medical expenses abroad caused by an accidental event or illness.

Covered expenses

  • medical care, consultation with a doctor and covering the cost of medicines
  • hospitalization expenses
  • transportation with a medical vehicle
  • transportation of the insured to his/hers country of departure in case the resulting circumstances prevent the return of the insurred person with the planned mode of transportation.

When you realy need it, Coris April assistance is there for you!

This service provides 24h support, bridges all linguistic barriers and coordinates the communication between diplomatic bodies abroad, the family of the insurred and the insured person himself/herself. We guarantee a fast and safe return to the country.

Travel safely and carelessly with Croatia Insurance!