Tips for a safer home
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Tips for a safer home

Even though the planning of your vacation can take a long time, it is always wise to dedicate at least one additional hour to make sure that your home is safe while you are away. Croatia Insurance non-life offers you a few essential tips for a safer home:

Ask your friend for help!
Ask the person you trust the most and to whom you won't be causing a great deal of inconvenience - a parrent, a close neighbor or a best friend to inspect and take care of your home while you are away. Give him/her the keys from your home so he could collect your mail, feed your pet and water your flowers. Also, it would be appropriate to give him/her the keys of your car if it needs to be relocated, it in case you do not own a garage.

Close your windows!
Closed windows prevent the occurence of damage in case of a storm or rain. Ideally, you should leave your home as you are still there. But, beware that all the valuable things like your computer, jewelry and other valuables are out of sight of passersby.

Turn off all electrical appliances!
Make sure all the lights are turned off, and all electrical appliances are unplugged from the electric grid except for the refrigerator and freezer. Beside from savings on your electricity bill, you are protecting your home against fire, breakdown of electrical appliances, etc...

Do not leave a spare key in your backyard!
If you have ever had a "secret place" where you kept your spare key, it is best to take it with you. Or give it to someone you trust.

Be aware where you are spreading the information about your vacation!
Social networks are not you friends in this case, so for safety reasons we advise that you do not post information about your departure.

Turn off your water valves!
Small leaks can bring you a lot of truble if there is no one home.

And last but not least - Do not forget your insurance!
Do not leave anything on nonessential and think responsibly. Send us an e-mail to us and we shall prepare your policy immediately!

Make sure you follow our advice!
It is never too late for another check.