Preparing your vehicle for the journey
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Preparing your vehicle for the journey

Tips for checking your vehicle

The longer the journey you will be making, the more thorough the preparations should be for your vehicle. Although you can receive the most professional service at your specialized car maintenance center, the inspection done by the driver is equally important. It means reacting promptly to all of the strange sounds produced by the vehicle; maintaining the vehicle properly and regularly and checking all important parameters that you can do by yourself.

  • Before the journey, check the tires of the vehicle including the replacement tire. Check the tire pressure at one of the gas stations and adjust it accordingly to the specifications stated on the tire. Increase or reduce the pressure if necessary. It is very important that your tires have not been used above their limit of amortization or been damaged. When checking the tires, check whether you have the complete toolkit to replace them in an emergency. If you are not familiar with replacing the tires, it is advisible to familiarize yourself with the procedure.
  • Check the levels of fluids: Oil, brake fluid, engine coolant, windshield washer fluid. Carry an additional supply of these fluids with you.
  • Check the wiper blades. Examine the area which contacts the windscreen and if necessary, replace them.
  • Check your dashboard signals and lights - headlights, brake lights, turn signals.
  • Introduce your friends and family with your travel plan, time frame and routte, so that they would be able to respond quickly in case of an emergency.
  • Check the weather forecast for the duration of your journey. Prepare acordingly with regard to the forecasted weather.
  • Keep a stock of food and beverages, even if you plan to stop by for a meal or when your journey seems short enough to be completed in one go. In unexpected situations, such as traffic jams, car problems and the similar, stocks of food and beverages can be of great importance.
  • Obtain the required first aid kit, check its contents and, if needed, renew medical supplies.
  • Provide chargers for mobile phones on board the car.
  • Keep at least a basic toolkit containing car light bulbs and preferably - a spare battery.
  • Even if you have a built in GPS device or an application installed on your mobile phone, carry your ordinary printed maps anyway. Use the Internet to learn about the stages of the journey and road conditions.
  • Inform yourself about radar controls, now that you have the appropriate applications for mobile phones.
  • Double check your personal documents and the necessary documents for the vehicle. When travelling abroad, it is of vital importance not to forget your green card and your travel insurance.

  By completing all these activities, you are reducing the potential risk of occurance of unpleasant situations which will not take us unprepared. The procedure won't take a lot of time, and its implementation can save you from lot of inconvenience.


During the trip:

  • All passengers are obliged to wear their safety belts. The little discomfort caused by the belt during the journey is negligible compared to the reliable protection that's provided by it.
  • Take regular breaks to rest as well to carry out your needs. Do not drive more than 3-4 hours without a break no matter how relaxed you feel.
  • Let other drivers in the car take over after a long, tiring drive. Let your steering wheel to the driver who is most fit at the moment.
  • Do not wait for the fuel indicator to light up to start searching for the next gas station.
  • Keep your sunglasses handy. Reduced visibility is one of the biggest problems for every driver.
  • Select the appropriate music for your journey. Music plays a big role in your mood, which in turn has a big impact on your driving