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What is the distinction between the experienced and the inexperienced driver? The experienced driver possesses Casco insurance policy, the type of insurance which protects you against the risks you cannot control. But, not all Casco insurance policies are created equal. The Casco policy issued by Croatia comes with numerous advantages. Send us an e-mail to and renew your Casco policy.


Assess your risks, choose the option which suits your needs best!

With the Casco insurance you are receiving a complete financial security of your vehicle.

This type of insurance covers the following insured risks:

  • accidents including rollover, crash, hit, sliding, flip off, etc.
  • falling object or an impact from an object
  • fire
  • sudden external thermal or chemical action
  • lightning strike
  • explosion, except explosion of nuclear energy
  • storm, hail, avalanche
  • flood, torrent and high waters
  • aircraft crash
  • marches and demonstrations
  • theft and robbery
  • malicious actions by third parties


The Casco Insurance excluding the risk of theft includes all the risks stated above other than the risk of theft, unlawful seizure of the vehicle and robbery.


Besides your vehicle, you can insure the additional equipment such as:

  • tools, connected appliances, car accessories and spare parts
  • radio, cassette player, radio with CD, DVD, TV and radio station which were not installed on the vehicle by the manufacturer
  • advertizing items and stickers in and on the vehicle


  • Casco insurance without a deductible (participation in damage)
  • Casco insurance with a deductible (participation in damages), which may be set to 100 EUR, 200 EUR, 400 EUR and 500 EUR. Depending on the amount of the deductible, the amount of premium is subject to change. The higher the deductible - the lower the premium. Choose the type that suits your requirements best.   


  • discount for loyalty
  • discount for a five-year contract
  • discount for already purchased TPL policy
  • discount for non reported TPL damage during the last year


Send us an e-mail to: and the policy will be delivered to your home/work adress as soon as possible!