Anti-corruption and Fraud in Insurance

Anti-corruption and Fraud in Insurance


Anti-corruption Program

As part of our success story, we make sure that we provide a quality service to our insured, which means zero tolerance towards corruption and fraud. Croatia ensures that every employee strictly follows the laws and the business ethics. If you possess any information or you are suspicious about any possible irregularities in the operations, please report them to:


Fraud in Insurance

What are the cases of fraud in insurance?

  • deliberately destroying an insured object
  • making an insurance contract after the occurence of damage
  • when the insurance is contracted using falsified and/or misleading information about the insured object
  • when personal data is falsified and/or erroneous personal data is submitted 
  • unathorised use of the company's property
  • corruption
  • falsifying business records and bookkeeping

The report of fraud is anonymous and will be kept confidential. All adequate measures and mechanisms will be used to determine the particular source of irregularity and/or fraud.